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Blue Collect

The strength of intensive high-quality direct debit

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s necessary: a professional but very sharp approach to make sure your invoices are being paid.

That requires authority and strength. And that strength lies in the fact that we as lawyers can switch very fast and can apply means of pressure. Your debtor knows that as well. One action from our direct debit lawyer is often enough to realize a fast payment.

Sometimes firmer measures are necessary. We developed a successful approach for that in our BLUE Collect. That often prevents litigating. With very tight time periods and follow-up actions your debtor will be made very clear the invoice has to be paid quickly: the costs are for the debtor.

No uncertainty for months anymore. We give you clearness about your payment within 1 month. Immediately, or we start the procedure at court. That will take longer, but in that case too we make sure you have clarity.

Choose for BLUE Collect, then you’re assured of:

  • Telephone accessibility from your lawyer, always and everywhere;
  • Always online access to your direct debit matters;
  • Always a consultation and the decision: ‘direct debit with maintenance of the relationship’ or ruthlessly collect;
  • High level of quality and customization always guaranteed

We unburden you, so you can comfortably do what you do best: your own business

Contact Patricia Boom.

Blue Legal: Solutions first!

Only when you truly specialize, you can be the best. That is only possible if you really like your profession. Blue Legal consists of specialists, who have much pleasure in their work. Specialists, lawyers and consultants with an eye for people. That makes us different.

The world, and so is your market, is changing rapidly. Non-stop! Taking the lead, be better, winning asks for focus and courage. We support our clients with that. Our value nowadays is not what we know, but wat we can do with our specialized knowledge and experience

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