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Blue Governance & Structure

Clarity & Structure!

Every organization has an interest in good leadership and a clear structure. A good guarantee of mission and vision, but above all: values ​​and standards. This has many legal aspects, but other factors also play an important role. The person in the right place, good agreements about advice and/or supervision and clear agreements about management and succession are important elements.

Family businesses

In family businesses, the family’s long-term vision and strategy is a determining factor. Who determines this? How is this communicated? Fiscal optimization does not always means this is socially acceptable or that this brings peace in the family.

Start-ups & Scale-ups

Start-ups and Scale-ups often focus on development, innovation and growth. Enthusiasm is an important motivation, as are ambition and wonderful plans. There is often no time for structure, reflection and assurance. The sense of urgency is often there, but the time to really pick it up isn’t there. That’s what we’re here for. No nonsense. Tight. Digital. In the case of growth, financing parties often make demands on communication, insight and management moments. That requires a completely different, but equally clear and precise recording of agreements and conditions.

Profit and Non-profit

In non-profit organizations, other factors often play a role. Special sector aspects, as well as specific regulations in terms of supervision and financing, create a special dynamic. There are often multiple stakeholders, sometimes vulnerable stakeholders and a very critical environment with a lot of pressure for detailed accountability. We know the mores in many industries and can determine and coordinate the exact necessity and need with you. This requires not (only) lawyers’ thinking, but also the view of an experienced lawyer.


Good governance includes a safe working environment. In every organization, at every level, something can happen that does not fit in the organization. We set up the processes to ensure social security in your organization so that there is always access to a confidential adviser. In addition, we often fulfill the role of (external) confidential counselor in those organizations that do not have the possibility to do so themselves or would like to have this guaranteed completely independently.

Management and participation

The HRM at management level must also be properly arranged. At medium organizations it isn’t all about the function, but it’s also important to have the right man/woman on the right place. Good agreements about perspective, ambition and remuneration are essential for the valuation and future of the company. There are many ways to create good commitment. Long term incentives, options, shares, STAK, participation programs, etc.: possibilities enough to offer management and personnel the opportunities to participate without limiting the clout of the organization/stakeholders.


Integrity, in all layers of the organization, deserves a lot of attention. Values ​​and norms often seem so self-evident, but on closer inspection, your employees often see things slightly differently. It is almost never intentional, but we often see that problems arise due to differences in interpretation. By making the issues negotiable, making agreements and communicating and/or training, you can guarantee that your values ​​and standards are clear to everyone in the organization. In the event of suspected abuses, we can carefully conduct an investigation or set out and supervise the approach, whereby we also communicate with stakeholders, the press. etc.


Closely related to this is compliance and certification. ISO or NEN, but also the implementation and testing of, for example, the Corporate Governance Code or the Good Governance Code are processes in which our lawyers are well versed. This requires not only good knowledge of the relevant regulations, but above all a sense of reality, structure and a pragmatic approach. Because only then is it really meaningful and of added value. We advise you on the design and implementation of the structure, but also the associated governance and instruments. So that all parties have certainty.

We advise you on the design and implementation of the structure, but also on the associated governance and instruments. So that all parties have certainty.

Jan Gerrit Kroon leads this team and is happy to tell you more.

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