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Blue Governance & Structure

Clearness in front!

Good leadership and insightful structure benefit every organization. That contains legal aspects, but other forces also play an important part. The right man/women on the right place, right agreements about advice and/or supervision and clear agreements about management and succession are important elements.

The long-term vision and strategy of the family is a defining factor in family business. Who decides those? What is the communication about it? Fiscal optimization doesn’t always mean socially acceptance or peace in the family.

At start-ups and scale-ups there is often need for communication, insight and moments of guidance out of the financial parties. That requires very different, but equally much clear and sharp fixation of agreements and terms.

At non-profit organizations other factors play a part. Special sector-aspects, but also specific regulation about supervision and financing, see to special dynamics. We know exactly what to do with those.

We advise you about organization and fulfilment of the structure, alongside with the special governance and equipment. So all parties are offered certainty.

Blue Legal: Solutions first!

Only when you truly specialize, you can be the best. That is only possible if you really like your profession. Blue Legal consists of specialists, who have much pleasure in their work. Specialists, lawyers and consultants with an eye for people. That makes us different.

The world, and so is your market, is changing rapidly. Non-stop! Taking the lead, be better, winning asks for focus and courage. We support our clients with that. Our value nowadays is not what we know, but wat we can do with our specialized knowledge and experience

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