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Corporate law

A good foundation

Whatever your business, it is always necessary to have your affairs in order. Entrepreneurship is never without any risks. You will be dealing with matters that are not clear-cut. Every phase of an enterprise requires a good legal basis. A specialist in corporate law can provide just that. Together we investigate the potential risks, pitfalls and possibilities to decide which business form is best. The use of a FLEX private limited liability company may be the most convenient option or perhaps a collaboration in the form of a partnership, or a combination of the two, turns out to be more practical.

A solid acquisition

You have the intention of selling your company or buying a company yourself. A special time in which good legal assistance is of great importance. We will guide you throughout that process. From drafting a letter of intent (LOI) or confidentiality agreement (NDA) to the due diligence (at a legal, fiscal, financial and operational level). We can also assist you with investment agreements, bank guarantees and subordinated loans. Protect your business by properly documenting your affairs. Prevention is always better than cure.

A good contract

Solid contracts are obviously inherent to sensible and responsible entrepreneurship. They stipulate the terms and conditions under which you do business. These should be tailored to your specific business and/or product, but also to you as a client. Whether it concerns goods or services, companies or individuals. Domestic or foreign. Don’t take any unnecessary risks, a good legal contract protects your interests.

A wide network

These matters often involve more than just legal questions. Tax and other factors also play a major role. Unlike many specialists, we are accustomed to working with third parties. In any area whatsoever. This way we can always go that extra mile to provide you with the best solution. Let us do the worrying so you can do business.

An international basis

Every land has its own rules and culture. We take care of the Dutch Legal tasks for many not-Dutch enterprises or local offices. Varying from the ‘legal housekeeping’ to the complete stream of contracts and compliance.

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