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Corporate law

A solid foundation

In whatever field of work you work in, it is always important to have your affairs in order. Doing business is never without risks. You will have to deal with things that are not obvious. Every phase of a company requires a good legal basis. A lawyer specialized in corporate law makes the difference. Together with our client, we look closely at risks, opportunities and then at a company structure that is future-proof.

The relationship with investors, good shareholder agreements and good governance are also a requirement. Together we determine the best solution.

A good contract

Responsible business naturally includes good contracts. After all, they determine the business conditions. These should be tailored to your specific business or product, but also, for example, to the type of customers, the local market and regulations. Whether it concerns goods or services, companies or individuals. At home or abroad. In good delivery conditions, your liability is responsibly limited and your claims are structured as strongly as possible.

Risks are OK, as long as they are not unnecessary. As a corporate law specialist, we master that part of business like no other: a good contract means peace of mind and money.

This applies not only to specialized tailored contracts, but also to basic contracts: from staff to supplier and from customer to financier.

A solid acquisition

Selling or buying a company is a special time in which good legal assistance is of great importance. As lawyers specialized in corporate law, we guide you throughout the entire process. From recording a letter of intent (LOI) or nondisclosure agreement (NDA) to the due diligence investigation (legal, tax, financial and operational level). We also assist you with investment agreements, bank guarantees and subordinated loans. Prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, record your affairs well.

Grow smart

There are many ways to grow. Creating a new market. Becoming the greatest player. Online and offline. This can be done on own strength, through acquisitions or a smart combinations of those.

Then investors and lenders come into the picture. Good financing is an art. The interests are often huge, the forces are complex and the unpredictability is alarming. Having your own specialist is like a rock in the surf. We know the tricks of the trade, know when it gets sharp and will always stick to a calm approach for you.

A good control model is essential. Governance must be well organized, but management agreements must match the governance. Not only for now, but also for in the future after a possible next step. As a lawyer in corporate law, we think along with you.

A wide network in corporate law

Often it is not just about legal questions. Fiscal and other factors also play a major role. Unlike many other specialists, we are used to working with third parties. In any area.

We can engage with other specialists where necessary. Whether it concerns valuation, corporate finance or tax. In this way, as a lawyer in corporate law, we can go one step further to find the best solution for you. You undertake. We think.

An international base

Every country has its own rules and own culture. We provide Dutch legal work for many non-Dutch companies or local offices. Varying from ‘legal housekeeping’ to the complete contract flow and compliance.

For better and for worse

Sometimes a thorough restructuring is necessary. Whether this is due to a changed policy, disappointing results or a corporate decision: hard intervention may be necessary. Recovery is a complicated thing.

What options are there? How is director’s liability regulated? What ongoing obligations are there? But also, how do you deal with critical financiers, who should you inform or not, can you enforce a settlement with the WHOA?

Confidentiality goes a long way for us, and not just because the Lawyers Act prescribes so. It also stems from our belief that every company and stakeholder should have the opportunity to carefully prepare and defend themselves.

This does not only counts if you are the one who has to intervene, but also if it concerns your debtor or business partner who has ended up in a tight spot. Our specialists also know that side of the coin.

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