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Our specialized knowledge is not sole anymore, the creativity to think of the best solution for our client is!


The increasing complexity and speed requires good co-operation. With the client, between our specialists and with other specialists.


Approach and tone are crucial to accomplish the best solution. Sometimes short and to the point, another time well-considered and cautious. With your result in front. Because we know like no other that being right is different from being proven right. By following our principles very consistent, our clients are always better off.


Only specialized lawyers work at Blue Legal. You can find that in the jurisdictions register of the Dutch order of lawyers. Lawyers at Blue Legal, for who the duty is active, have admitted the next main- (and sub)jurisdictions:

  • Jan Gerrit Kroon is registered on
    • Labor law
      • Collective resignation
      • International labor law
      • Co-determination
      • Pensions
  • Jurgen van Asten registered on:
    • Corporate law
      • Agency and distribution
      • Directors’ liability
      • Mergers and Acquisitions
      • Companies
    • Labor law
  • Mariëtte Corbeij – Beukers is registered on:
    • Common Practise
      • Civil law
      • Civil procedural law
      • Attachment and Execution law
      • Litigation
  • Margot Verhoeven is registered on:
    • Labor Practise
      • Collective resignation
      • International Labor Law
      • Pensions
  • Pricilla Sadhoe is registered on:
    • Common Practise
      • Civil law
      • Corporate law
      • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Sirin Al Moubarak is registered on:
    • Corporate law
      • Contract law

Due to this registration each year they are obligated to obtain 10 education points on every admitted jurisdiction, according to the standard of the Dutch order of lawyers

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