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Blue Service

Blue Service: the comfortable feeling of your own lawyer


Legal questions arise in all organizations. It offers peace and security if these legal questions are answered quickly and well by a specialist. By choosing a company lawyer via secondment, you always have quick access to your own company lawyer. How nice is that?

Termination/drafting contracts: your own company lawyer

Your own company lawyer for employment law, for example. Or the secondment of a lawyer for all your contract termination/drafting and legal housekeeping. We realize that. Someone who knows your organization, who is the point of contact for all legal issues and who can think along with the MT in important decisions: a lawyer in your company. Your own remote corporate lawyer. Or in house. We will arrange this in consultation with you, depending on your organization and wishes.

All first-line questions fall under this category: personnel, drafting and terminating legal contracts, debt collection, collaboration/acquisitions, ICT/privacy, compliance, etc. Our company lawyer and our team is ready for you.

Legal counsel

Looking for a corporate lawyer? The big advantage for you is that you don’t have 1 specific company lawyer with us, but a whole team of specialists. Whether the question is about specific legal contracts, important employees or privacy issues, the answer is always close by with 1 mouse click or phone call via a lawyer in your company.

We know that 90% of all legal issues are not about conflicts, but about properly organizing the organization with good processes and contracts. Clear positioning, good legal contracts and clear agreements are crucial, especially if the organization is in flux and growing. That requires daily involvement and insight. With our secondment of a lawyer, we ensure that you sleep with peace of mind, because your affairs are well arranged with a company lawyer.


As a permanent corporate lawyer, we get to know your organization well. This means that we can help you set up and record processes. For example, the impact of the GDPR, but also the certification processes for ISO- and NEN, are well known to the company lawyer. In this way, as company lawyers, we know how to put the questions and situations that arise in the right context. As a result, you really benefit from our advice. You will always quickly receive concrete advice or good contracts from our company lawyer. In order to provide a correct and quick answer, not only extensive specialist knowledge is required. In particular, experience, insight and gut-feeling in what is important for your company. From our side, as company lawyers, we not only have the knowledge and experience, but we also follow specific training courses, invest in sector knowledge. Because we ‘take a look behind the scenes’ at many organizations, we are aware of the best practices and can apply them in your company with our services.

Services as an in-house lawyer

Because no two organizations are the same, we have developed different formulas for the secondment of our lawyers. The basis for SME starts with € 375 per month for unlimited advice of your company lawyer on first-line questions and has a rate discount of 10% if more complex cases are handled. We also use a model based on a fixed number of hours per month for a lawyer in your company, which we fill in in consultation with you. In all cases you have certainty in advance about the size and costs of a company lawyer or a legal counsel.

Secondment lawyer

Of course we can also provide legal support as an in-house lawyer. For HR, for your contracts, legal housekeeping, corporate affairs, etc., but we can also provide and advise as a company lawyer of the managing board at specific projects. As legal counsel, we are happy to tailor this to your needs.

In the case of cooperation based on secondment, the rates for secondment of a legal counsel of lawyer also apply. Because of our knowledge, experience and teamwork we often organize this as a company lawyer better than you might expect!

Company attorney

If a conflict should unexpectedly arise, you can count on a team of razor-sharp and well-experienced lawyers to defend your interests as well as possible. Our team has a big head start because they already know your business and industry! Looking for a corporate lawyer for your organization? With the Blue Service of Blue Legal, a company lawyer is always available to assist you.

With the corporate lawyer service of Blue Legal you're assured of:

  • First line legal advice per phone. Short lines, practical and fast answer on your questions per phone or mail.
  • Standard text fragments and evaluations.
  • Unlimited access to our custom-made models: documents for in practice, set up by your specialist. 1 phone call is enough!
  • Basic advice on contracts
  • 10% discount on all our services and products
  • Substansive workshops a few times a year

Blue Legal: Solutions first!

Only when you truly specialize, you can be the best. That is only possible if you really like your profession. Blue Legal consists of specialists, who have much pleasure in their work. Specialists, lawyers and consultants with an eye for people. That makes us different.

The world, and so is your market, is changing rapidly. Non-stop! Taking the lead, be better, winning asks for focus and courage. We support our clients with that. Our value nowadays is not what we know, but wat we can do with our specialized knowledge and experience

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