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Blue Privacy

Data is the new gold.

Your data as well! And that must be well protected. This is partly why the GDPR, in the Netherlands ‘de AVG’ has been introduced. Criminals have also discovered the value of data and personal data. Cybercrime is advancing more and more: phishing, spoofing, CEO fraud and ransomware situations are becoming more common.

We ensure, where necessary with other specialists, that everything is properly arranged for you.

Thanks to our 20 years of experience, we know exactly how you can use your data commercially and what the points of attention are. This also applies to special applications in, for example, healthcare or education.

Data breaches

A data breach is not in any case a reason for panic, but you must take immediate action to avoid fines for data leaks. The AVG, which contains important privacy legislation, expects a lot from you in reporting and resolving a data breach, because the ‘data breach notification obligation’ is in force. Blue Legal sees data breaches in practice more often than many might think. We can tell you everything about data leaks. You can always contact us without obligation.


The regulations seem complex, but our solutions are not. Our ICT & Privacy specialists have been working with the regulations for many years and can always support you to become and remain compliant. We do this by making privacy and security an integral part of your organization and thereby adding quality, trust and value

We have developed standard solutions for many industries. With a concrete step-by-step plan, a thorough inventory, good policy and register and of course also a training, we make your organization AVG-proof. And that at a fixed price.

Blue Privacy

Privacy plays a role in all kinds of areas of law. Think of privacy in the workplace, privacy in M&A processes and recording agreements about privacy in contracts. In short, privacy is an integral part of your business operations.

With Privacy Service from Blue Legal you have your own Privacy Officer, Privacy lawyer or DPO! Not only someone who knows your organization, but also someone who can keep your privacy policy and register up-to-date and who can assess processing agreements. And who also has access to our library of models, explanations and best practices. This can all be done on location or online. In short, you are always AVG compliant. This gives you and your customers certainty for a fixed price per month. We are happy to explain this further below.


  • Our Privacy Specialists are skilled, experienced and pragmatic;
  • Versatile: in addition to being an expert in the field of privacy, your Privacy Specialist is also an experienced lawyer;
  • The Privacy Specialist can be deployed as a troubleshooter and sparring partner for the internal organization. As a result, you quickly have the right knowledge within your company and you receive practical advice from a distance;
  • Up-to-date expertise at both operational and strategic level;
  • You can make use of the in-house Privacy Officer or DPO on a monthly/weekly basis, based on a flexible number of hours;

In short, with Blue Legal’s Privacy Service you are completely without burden

Privacy Officer (remote or in-house)

The duties of a Privacy Officer include:

– Informing, advising and supporting the MT about GDPR legislation;
– Drafting and verifying GDPR templates: processing agreements, data breach model and DPIA model;
– Checking and maintaining the Privacy Policy, processing register, processing agreements and/or DPIA;
– Guiding in the drafting and implementation of DPIA and processing agreements;
– Support in answering questions from data subjects about privacy;
– Answering questions about privacy, both internally and externally;
– Creating privacy awareness among employees, for example through short training courses;
– Coordination and support in case of data breaches.

– x number of hours per week on a fixed morning or afternoon;
– Rate based on secondment;
– Invoicing takes place on a monthly basis;
– A separate order confirmation will follow for any ad hoc work outside the regular number of hours per week.

Data Protection Officer

The activities that the DPO can perform include:

– Responsible for supervision of GDPR compliance;
– Advice on drawing up Data Protection Impact Assessments;
– Reviewing and monitoring privacy documents:
* Privacy policy;
* Processing agreements;
* Processing register;
* Privacy declaration.
– Support in handling data leaks and requests from data subjects;
– Ensure privacy awareness within the organization;
– Communication with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

– x number of hours per week on a fixed morning or afternoon;
– Rate based on secondment;
– Invoicing takes place on a monthly basis;
– A separate order confirmation will follow for any ad hoc work outside the regular number of hours per week.

Privacy Advice

– Privacy and Cookie Statement;
– Processing agreements;
– Privacy policy;
– Information security policy;
– Data leak protocol;
– Processing register and data leak register;
– Model letter data leaks.

Ad hoc support:
– First-line privacy questions;
– Assess processor agreements contracting party;
– Questions about privacy in the workplace;
– Help with data leaks;
– Help with DPIA/DTIA.

Blue Legal: Solutions first!

Only when you truly specialize, you can be the best. That is only possible if you really like your profession. Blue Legal consists of specialists, who have much pleasure in their work. Specialists, lawyers and consultants with an eye for people. That makes us different.

The world, and so is your market, is changing rapidly. Non-stop! Taking the lead, be better, winning asks for focus and courage. We support our clients with that. Our value nowadays is not what we know, but wat we can do with our specialized knowledge and experience

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