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Blue Privacy

Data is the new gold.

Your data too! They need to be protected well. That is also a reason why the GDPR is implemented. Criminals also found out the value of data and personal date. Cybercrime is advancing, phising, spoofing, ceo-fraud and ransomware situations are becoming increasingly common. As are data breaches. In small, but also big organizations. We make sure, with other specialists if necessary, your business is well organized. And is being solved.

Because of our 20 years of experience we know how you can commercially exact use your data and what the additional concerns are. That also applies to special applications in for example healthcare and education.


The regulation seems complex, but that’s not the case with our solutions. Our IT & Privacy specialists have been working with the regulation for many years and can always support you to become and stay compliant. We do so by making privacy and security a integral part of your organization and in that way adding quality, trust and value.

We developed standard solutions for many sectors. With a concrete action plan, a thorough inventory, good policy and register and of course a training we make your organization GDPR-proof. Often at a fixed price.


And, for many companies we fulfill the role of external Privacy Manager, in which we make sure your organization becomes and remains GDPR compliant. We call it PAAS: Privacy as a Service. Your own Privacy Manager, who knows your sector and organization.


The privacy policy is comparable to a NEN- or ISO-certification. You privacy policy exists of inventory and advice, a tailor-made policy document, a number of registers, required documents and contracts, implementation of these documents, and a training as a conclusion. Besides, we analyze and advise you about the right and allowed use of data, also big data, in you company.

In doing so, the connection will be made to other legislation, in the Netherlands and abroad. The further internationalisation and cloud-solutions are very important in international aspects. Here too there is often more possible than you think. As long as it’s well organized of course.


Privacy standard

After thorough inventory we provide a tailor-made privacy policy document for your organization, the required registers, contracts and documents, possibly the input of a IT-specialist enabled by Blue Legal and an informing of the employees.

Privacy Complete

The Complete-package also builds upon the inventory and unburdens you completely. It contains above mentioned packages, besides a FAQ-subscription, a training for the responsible employee, also in agreement with you in-house. Free of charge legal GDPR-advice over the phone for a year for all first line questions is also part of the package.

Small business edition

Associations and non-profit foundations also have to meet the GDPR. Especially for them we developed a special product to become GDPR-proof at once. The price takes into account the limited financial resources and is thereby small. Small Privacy is also suitable for sole proprietors. Call of mail for more information and a tailer-made price. Pricilla Sadhoe or Enna Lujinovic.

Privacy as a Service

You have your own privacy manager with PaaS from Blue Legal. And what kind of one: not someone who knows your organization, who keeps your privacy policy and register up-to-date and evaluates processor agreements, but a whole team who arranges this for you, and which also has access to our library of models, statements and best practices. Besides, who can make sure your organization can certify as one of the first. In short, you are always GDPR compliant and that gives your client certainty for a fixed price a month!

We would like to explain!

Blue Legal: Solutions first!

Only when you truly specialize, you can be the best. That is only possible if you really like your profession. Blue Legal consists of specialists, who have much pleasure in their work. Specialists, lawyers and consultants with an eye for people. That makes us different.

The world, and so is your market, is changing rapidly. Non-stop! Taking the lead, be better, winning asks for focus and courage. We support our clients with that. Our value nowadays is not what we know, but wat we can do with our specialized knowledge and experience

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