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Privacy and IT law


Digitization makes life easy. Or does it? Because let’s be honest, who is waiting for the implementation of new software, or discussing the fine print when things go wrong? We help many clients with our knowledge and support in concluding complex SLAs and SAAS solutions!

Clear language

Increasingly, agreements are concluded without the contracting parties having spoken to each other. Of course there are special rules for this. Our specialized lawyers know those rules. That goes without saying. But a lawyer who understands IT is just as important. Technology is developing faster than the law. Blue Legal speaks the language and explains it crystal clear to you.


Personal data is worth gold nowadays, and should therefore also be protected as such. Online shopping behaviour, payment transactions, preferences and health, there are many parties who want to do something with your personal data. And not always willingly. Regulations have become stricter, the requirements higher. Every company, including yours, owns personal data. We arrange how you may use and protect it. We also provide your privacy officer and we provide training for your staff. Of course we also have all the knowledge regarding Big Data, cyber security, NEN/ISO certification and data leaks. In short, everything to make your company Privacy Compliant.

Cybercrime and Data breaches

All your information is also of interest to criminals. A file with payment details for the bank contains information that makes fraud very easy. We know how to secure it, both technically and through good procedures and instructions. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, we will of course help you with the analysis, approach and possible notification to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


Making clear agreements. That’s what it’s about. Not only about the obligations, but also about what to do if the project fails. Whether it concerns cloud solutions, web stores, online contracts or Service Level Agreements, Blue Legal has it covered. Your wishes and interests are our top priority.

IT is complex

‘Every company is an ICT company’. The world has changed rapidly in a short period of time. Where we used to fax order forms, computers now order new stock at lightning speed as soon as you sell something. A lot of specialist information can now be found on the internet.

There are now special rules for these matters. In addition to legal knowledge, technical and business knowledge is also indispensable in order to be able to advise you properly. The specialists at Blue Legal have this available. This is a big advantage in communication. Think about things like:

  • Internet law, such as e-commerce, distance selling, website testing, cookie statement, general terms and conditions and digitization of your database and archive
  • Drafting and reviewing more IT-related contracts, such as Cloud, SaaS, SLA and outsourcing contracts
  • Supply, implementation and turnkey contracts of complete systems and associated service contracts
  • Advising, guiding and litigating about IT disputes, for example malfunctioning software, late delivery, failed automation projects and faltering services

We don’t develop, we don’t design, we don’t test, we don’t source. You can do all that much better. But we do understand the processes and that is why we can ensure that it is better arranged for you. And that gives you a head start!

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