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Labor law

No organization can function without employees or management. Nothing is as complex as people and working together. This is the reason there are many rules to regulate people working together. Our specialists know these rules like no other.

Based on the conviction that rules are the tool and not the goal, our specialists ensure your organization is well set up. Think of employee participation, collective labor agreements, employment contracts, sick employees and platformization.

Blue Legal guides, advises and negotiates for you. And, if necessary, we litigate for you. All expertise is in-house. It is not just our expertise that makes the difference, but also our approach and empathy. Our specialists always work as a team, and always focused on the solution that is best for you. After all, it is the future of you or your company we are working on.

Your organization

Using the traditional factor ‘labor’ in the most efficient way. In all perspectives. Taking into account HRM and market trends, sustainability and industries. That is different in every company. Every company faces the same issues, but not everyone benefits from the same solution. As lawyers in employment law, we are aware of all options and costs; from company collective agreements to 0-hour contracts, form personnel regulations to self-employed persons. And from reward to dismissal. We also expressly include employee participation such as bonusses, SARs, depositary receipts and shares of (joint) share ownership. Together we determine the best approach and solution. And also execute them.

With you, we look at the best layout for your company. Start-up, scale-up, trading company, production company or ICT company; we look with you at what fits best. And set it up.


Employee participation is important, and is often very sensitive. These are major decisions and complex issues. The right tone and approach often lead to better results than sharp, legal wording. However, both are indispensable, both in governement and in companies. In the Netherlands, but also abroad. As an employment lawyer, we assist directors, Works Councils and employee participation councils in all sectors. Retirement, privacy and absenteeism are important common topics, as are reorganization, restructuring or company closure. We also have standard solutions for setting up and desiging the Works Council at start-ups and scale-ups. We also share our knowledge and experience in training courses and knowledge sessions with the personnel and organization department, HRM and directors.


Haste makes waste. That does not apply to us. No other area of law is as dynamic as Employment Law. Laws and regulations are constantly subject to change. Stay up-to-date and jump in immediately where necessary. This requires sharpness and creativity. Sometimes you just have to deviate from the beaten track. More importantly, you are not alone. Are you in a situation that seems hopeless? Rely on our support as lawyers in employment law. Don’t wait and get in touch!


Change is necessary for every organization. The way in which this is done largely determines the pace and costs. And, very important, also the culture and atmosphere in the new organization. After all, those employees will have to ensure success in the future. Sometimes a major reorganization is unavoidable. The rules for this are clear, and with the correct application and use of the rules it is not complicated and there are many possibilities. Carefulness is paramount throughout the entire process, because trade unions and the Works Council, just like the UWV, are very critical. Restructuring takes time. And money. Budget is important. Do not wait until the last minute, contact us as soon as possible and we will ensure the good result.

Board and management

Everything must also be wel organized for the management: after all, they lead the organization and ensure that the objectives are achieved. Alone or in a team. Clear agreements in the employment contract or management agreement and management regulations are important and very effective. This also applies to a good remuneration policy, with or without bonuses or participation. Matters such as directors’ liability, the insurance for this, career prospects, expatriation possibilities and growth opportunities must also be clear. This applies to large companies, but also to small, growing and network organizations.


The right equipment

Deploying ‘labour’ in the most efficient way. That’s the goal. People often run into the same issues, but not everyone benefits from the same solution. We are aware of all options and costs; from company collective labor agreement to zero-hours contract, from personnel regulations to self-employed. Together we determine the best solution. And then we do it too!

The right approach

Haste and urgency are rarely good. This doesn’t apply to us. No other area of ​​law is as dynamic as Labor Law. Laws and regulations are continuously subject to change. Staying current and being able to immediately jump in where necessary requires sharpness and creativity. Sometimes you just have to deviate from the beaten track. More importantly, you are not alone. Are you in a situation that seems hopeless? Trust our support. Don’t wait and get in touch!

The right knowledge

Knowledge is power. Knowledge gives the lead. You can share knowledge. Definitely in labor law there is much to know and to share.Certainly in Labor Law there is a lot to know and share. We share knowledge using our webinars, blogs and sparring sessions with our clients in the field..

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