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Labor law

Every organization needs employees. Or management. Because nothing is as complex as people and working together, there are lots of rules. Our specialists know them as no other.

In belief that rules are the tools and not the goal, we make sure your organization is well-arranged. Think of co-determination, Collective Labour Agreement and employment contracts, ill employees and platformisation. Blue Legal attends, advices and negotiates for you. And, when necessary, we litigate razor sharp. We have alle the expertise. Not only our expertise makes the difference, but also our approach and empathy. Always in team context, and focused on the solution that’s best for you. After all, it’s about your future and your enterprise.

The right organizational structure

Deployment of ‘labour’ in the most efficient way. That’s the goal. We often deal with the same issues but not everyone benefits with the same solution. At Blue Legal, we are aware of all the possibilities and costs; from company CLA to zero-hour contract, from staff regulations to self-employment. Blue Legal provides the right assistance. In any case. We decide the best solution with you. And we also implement it!

The right approach

It’s often not good to rush things. That doesn’t apply to us. No other jurisdiction is as dynamic as Labour Law with laws and regulations that are constantly subject to change. In our business it is key to stay up-to-date to be able to respond accurately and effectively. This demands sharpness but also creativity. Sometimes you have to deviate from the beaten path. But what’s most important, you are not alone. Are you currently in a situation that seems hopeless? Count on our support. Don’t wait and get in touch!

The right knowledge

Knowledge is power. Knowledge gives the lead. You can share knowledge. Definitely in labor law there is much to know and to share. For example, we spar with our clients in practice. Also amongst other things our webinars and blogs.

Want to know more? Please call to Jan Gerrit Kroon without obligation.

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