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Entrepreneurs and individuals are increasingly conducting business online. This digitisation makes life easy. But does it really? Because honestly, who wants to deal with implementing new software? Or reading the fine print in case it goes wrong? What about the legal side?



Personal data is rapidly becoming more and more valuable and therefore highly vulnerable. Online Shop behaviour, payment traffic, preferences and health, there are many parties that can use that data to their advantage. And not always with the right intentions. As a result, legislation has become more precise an detailed. Any company, including yours, owns personal data. At Blue Legal, we have the knowledge to advise you on how to use and protect that data. We can also provide you with a DATA privacy officer and take care of the training of your staff. Of course, we can also advise you on matters regarding Big Data, cyber security, NEN/ISO certification and Data leakage. In short, the total package for making your business Privacy Compliant.


Clear language

Nowadays, agreements are concluded without the contracting parties actually ever having spoken. Of course there are special guidelines that apply in these cases. A lawyer knows these rules, that goes without saying. But a lawyer who understands IT is just as important. Technology is currently evolving faster than the law. Blue Legal speaks the language and can explain it to you in a clear manner.


Concrete agreements.

Making clear agreements. That’s what it’s all about. Not just about the commitments but also about what to do if the project fails. Whether it regards cloud solutions, online stores, online contracts or Service Level agreements, Blue Legal can arrange it for you. With personal attention to your wishes and interests. That is paramount.

How can we serve you? Please contact us for the following issues:

  • Advice on privacy.
  • Advice on internet law, such as e-commerce, distance purchase, review of websites, general conditions and advice on digitisation of your paper archive.
  • Drafting and testing of it-related contracts, such as Cloud, SaaS, SLA and outsourcing contracts.
  • Delivery, implementation and turn-key contracts of complete systems and related service contracts.
  • Advice on ICT conflicts. Guidance and possibly litigation. Think of poorly functioning software, late delivery, failed automation projects and faltering services.


Cyber Crime & Data leaking

All your information is interesting for criminals. A payment data file contains information that makes fraud very easy. But how can you secure it? By following the right procedures and instructions provided by us. We have the technical know-how and detailed insight. Should something go wrong, we will of course help you with the analysis, approach and possible notification to the Data Protection Authority.


Privacy packages for a fixed price

Start/QuickScan Privacy

The starting package consists of an inventory made by Blue Legal, where the customer has 2 options: an online inventory, or an inventory on site. In both inventories, the customer receives a report from Blue Legal.

Online inventory, report €450,-

Online & inventory on location, Report €850,-

Basic Privacy

The basic package consists of an inventory (as in the starter package), but also consists of a review, three standard documents (Editing agreement, Data leakage protocol, privacy policy) and a short presentation for employees with practical tips.

Price €1500,-

Privacy Extra

This consists of the inventory, review, three standard documents, a meeting with an IT specialist enabled by Blue Legal and employee training.

Price €2500,,-

Privacy complete

The complete package consists of the above packages supplemented with a FAQ subscription for 1 or 2 employees. A year-long free legal advice by phone (for simpler questions) is also part of the package.

Price € 3500,-

Privacy Officer

In addition to the above, you can hire a Blue Legal Privacy officer, who will be on location four times a year.  The privacy Officer can conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment. The PIA is required for companies that carry out a project with high privacy (consider the processing of ethnic data of individuals, detecting fraud and screening people to detect fraud, camera surveillance in public areas, etc.)

PIA consists of, among others:

  •     PIA Questionnaire
  •     Identify processing personal data by type
  •     Interview employees
  •     analysis processing personal data
  •     monitoring security
  •     organizational and stakeholder risks
  •     impact determination of processing on Privacy
  •     alternative approach, reducing risks, measures

This is possible starting from €1500,-  The price is determined depending on the size of the work and the size of your business.


'Every company is an ICT company '.
The world is changing rapidly. Where we used to fax order forms, computers can now quickly restock as soon as you make a sale. This also means that expensive specialist information can now be easily located on the Internet.

This availability of information is luckily subject to special rules. Next to legal knowledge however, technical and business knowledge is just as important. Our specialists at Blue Legal have all the insight necessary to advise you in the best way possible. That's a great communicative advantage. In corporate law, ICT law takes on an increasingly important role.

Consider the following:

  • Internet law, such as e-commerce, distance purchase, review of websites, cookie statement, general conditions and digitisation of your database and archive.
  • Drafting and testing it-related contracts, such as Cloud, SaaS, SLA and outsourcing contracts, delivery, implementation and turn-key contracts of complete systems and related service contracts.
  • Guidance and litigation on IT disputes, e.g. malfunctioning software, late delivery, failed automation projects and faltering service.


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