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Arbeidsrecht - Ontslagrecht - Zorg - Aansprakelijkheid
Ondernemingsrecht - Contracten - Bemiddeling - Tuchtrecht
Privacy ICT Contracten
Arbeidsrecht - HRM - Onderwijsrecht
Arbeid - HRM - ICT - Privacy
ICT Privacy Contracten
Fusie & Overname - Contracten - Ondernemingsrecht
Arbeidsrecht - Pensioenrecht - Contracten - Ontslag
Onderneming - Contracten - ICT
Kantoor- en commerciële ondersteuning
Ondernemingsrecht - Privacy - Contracten
Ondernemingsrecht - Procederen - Incasso
Blue Legal Lawyers | Consultants, specialists in labour Law, Corporate Law & ICT law.

Welcome to BLUE LEGAL

You know everything there is to know about your business, we about ours. Legal aspects play a large role in every business decision. We know the business, speak the same language and know the risks which allows us to contribute on all fronts. Our specialisation gives insight into the rules and moreover, the nuances. This way we can offer the best possible advice specific to your situation. Advice regarding a conflict, contract, acquisition, etc. Sharp, fast and creative. Always actively sharing our knowledge to give you a head start in your own business.


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